Cake studio and bakery

Rasnabakes, a cute little shop in the center of Sapphire Mall, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, is a haven for premium quality cakes for every day but especially for very special occasions. The co-owner, Head Baker & Designer of Rasnabakes, Rasna Gulati creates inspiring treats to reflect love and passion of life, living and giving. As a gift or little self-indulgence,from everyday yumminess to nutritious wholesomeness to wondrous and whimsical...

“Their confections are filled with the everlasting taste of sweet goodness!”

Rasna is a certified nutritionist working in the field of food and nutrition for the last 15 years

Her main focus being the cake studio, Rasna says, "I am dedicated to creating only the highest quality cakes and believe that cakes should taste as good as they look! At the same time, I pour my heart & soul into each cake to reflect the personality of the person it's for".

Her favorite season is the Christmas season because it's all about family and spreading good cheer, which is what Rasna is all about! She can spend hours making Christmas edible treats or rum-raisin cakes!

Each cake or box of cupcakes is unique and tailored to the client's requirements, she listens most carefully to their needs and pays attention to the smallest detail so that the final product comes the closest (if not exactly) to what the client wants. With this high level of attention to detail and an eye for perfection, you can be sure your cake will have the wow factor, making it the highlight of any occasion.

The shop is small but it's interiors are cozy and very tastefully done, their decor pleasantly soothing and inviting. It is always in a sort of organized chaos so your attention is not diverted from their array of goodies. Presentation-wise, all their items are creative and delicious at the same time. They offer custom and regular cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies of a wide variety so even if you want a cake on the spot, you don't need to go elsewhere for the last-minute extras!

Come down to Rasnabakes for

a bit of love, warmth and

a whole lotta sweetness!

The Sapphire, Shop No- 16
Sectore 49, Gurgaon

Phone: +91 9999900901



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